Green Frog Studio Productions, LLC


Music Recording:  $55/hr.   Start/end times are flexible and we are available on weekends.  A rhythm section is available (drummer and/or bass player at $50/hr for each studio musician).  Drum kit, congas, and other rhythm instruments can be included in your song or oral recording project.   
Music Mixing:  $40/hr.  This includes work done in Green Frog Studio or mixing tracks that you have recorded elsewhere.
Audio Book and Oral History Projects:  $40/hr for recording and editing.  Capturing and editing the voices and stories of people, young and not so young, is a goal.  Whether stories are personal histories or reading books out loud, we offer an acoustically treated area to carefully record vocals.  We are happy to help you by providing a basic interview process to guide oral histories if needed.   


Recording Packages

Video Production:  Many of us need photo and/or video 'movie'-style productions for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, holidays or other special occasions, and to best preserve our memories.  We can scan your home photos or utilize your digital photos and home movie clips to generate a montage of your event, adding music if desired to provide an appropriate background.   Rates are dependent upon the project.

NEW:  Flexible Rates are available, especially for new customers.  ​Please contact us to discuss payment and individualized package pricing. ​​ 

Mastering:   GFSP is able to provide basic mastering services such as volume control and song quality improvements via minor changes in EQ and compression and uploading to YouTube.  Additional Mastering services can be obtained elsewhere and we can direct you to several Mastering companies.  

Security:   All rights to your songs and music are YOURS.  All recording tracks are backed-up using external hard drives and you are welcome to take copies of your stems with you.   We can keep an historical record for you or delete tracks from our hard-drives as you wish.   YOUR music is not shared on the web or with others without your written permission.